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Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Restore your carpets and breath new life into your home with support from the experts at Universal Cleaning North West.

Professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least once every six months, adding years onto your surfaces and ensuring they retain their quality appearance for much longer. Our professionals use industry-leading equipment and cleaning solutions to completely transform your old or stained carpets.

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We are open 24/7 & accept card payments! Get in touch with Universal Cleaning North West today.

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What We Do

Is your carpet looking worn and you can’t seem to remove the dirt from it? We work tirelessly to treat your surfaces with ultimate care and detail to bring them back to their original appearance, saving you from spending big on brand-new flooring.

Check out our domestic carpet cleaning prices below and get in touch today to secure a booking.

  • Living room - £40
  • Hallway, landing, and stairs - £40
  • Single bedroom - £25
  • Double bedroom - £30

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